Q: Are these frames photos or 3D?

A:All of them are 3D, even in the frame version, you can see them as real as if they have got into the frame.

Q: How do I order it?

A:Just like we usually order products online, the slight difference is that this is a customized product, which may take more time to make and ship.

Q: Is the product easy to store?

AYes, they are easy to store. But please keep it away from sharp objects and pets’ paws.

Q: Where do they ship from?

A:All products will be shipped from the U.S. and shipped by UPS.

Q: How much similarity can the product achieve?

A:Generally speaking, there can be more than 80% similarity. It depends on the photos sent by the customer and the difficulty of creation. We promise to achieve as many similarities as possible.

Q: How many photos do I need to send to you before I start creating the product?

A:Please send us photos of pets as much as possible, and they are different photos in multiple directions, so that our workers can better “restore” them.

Q: Can I request an expedited production of them?

A:Definitely,, please contact our work email. The customer service will provide you with this service, but this may also charge you an additional $25 fee.

Q: Where do you produce?

A:We have studios in the United States, China and Japan. Products will be produced in these three countries, but they will be shipped after inspection in the US studio.

Q: What is the weight of the product?

A:They are not uniform weights. Because wool is relatively light, they are not particularly heavy, depending on the size and body shape of the customized product.